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Challenging Perceptions: Discussion Series On Systemic Racism

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Season 2

Discussion Guide: Systemic Racism

Discussion Guide: Racism and Mental Health

Discussion Guide: Policy and Progress

Discussion Guide: Creating Equitable Education Systems

"With this work, you're always unpacking…unpacking these different issues that are in your face. But I think where we stay most powerful and influential, is when we couple that with a solution to help move us forward."
Adrienne Cole Johnson


VPM launched Racism: Challenging Perceptions in 2020 to explore the social, cultural and economic impact of racism on our community. Through conversations with local experts and leaders, we look at the disparities racism creates within our systems including: education, wealth building and housing. We encourage participants to use the information from the series to have authentic and informed dialogue with family members and friends on race and racism.

Our second installment of Challenging Perceptions examines the progress and promises toward dismantling historic racist systems. These discussions will continue to explore community initiatives and efforts to create a more equitable world. Each discussion is hosted on Zoom and recorded for later release on VPM platforms. Participate in the discussion online on the VPM Facebook and Twitter pages.

Adrienne Cole Johnson

Moderator Adrienne Cole Johnson is a group facilitator, mediator, and community engagement expert. With deep experience in building movements in the non-profit, education, political and entrepreneurship sectors, she has centered her efforts around creative approaches and equitable engagement.

Her academic training and background in macro-level social work keeps a connection to the wider context as she engages on resolving the toughest human challenges.

Having served as a Chief of Staff in Congress, and led community-based programs for groups ranging from 500 to 50,000 people, Adrienne’s ability to listen, connect and empathize across traditional barriers makes her a remarkable facilitator and conflict resolution expert.

Whether she’s moderating panels on socio-economic change or facilitating discussions around the toughest social issues, or guiding leaders on mental and emotional health, Adrienne ensures voices are heard and issues are moved forward. (Photo: Kimie James)

Production funding for the Racism: Challenging Perceptions series provided by: Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond

Season 1

Conversations from panel discussions were recorded and edited for broadcast. Produced by VPM and co-sponsored by The Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond and the Richmond Night Market.

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