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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at VPM

VPM Diversity Statement


To fulfill VPM’s mission and vision, we commit to and prioritize the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across our organization. Beyond being a moral imperative, this is a business imperative to ensure VPM is a thriving public media organization that serves the evolving needs of our communities.

To be successful, we must earn the trust and support of the communities we serve. People from Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley must see themselves in our content, which can only be achieved if our organization reflects the diversity of those communities.

In order to make meaningful change, DEI must be threaded through everything we do— the content we produce, the news we cover, the people who make up our staff, leadership, Boards and volunteers and in every aspect of our workplace. We must cultivate a true sense of belonging.

We understand that this work is ongoing and takes time, and we are committed to the journey so that we can fulfill our mission and vision.

DEI Intention

In June 2020, VPM drafted a DEI Intention in support of our mission, vision, values and strategic goals. Our DEI Intention states:

VPM will reflect the diverse communities we serve, which means we will:

  • Ensure people in our community see themselves through the stories we tell;
  • Provide equal opportunities for all employees; and
  • Cultivate a workplace where our employees feel valued.

Defining Success

Annually, VPM will create a roadmap with goals and actions mapped to the DEI Intention. Progress is tracked on a quarterly basis with updates provided to the VPM Media Corporation Board of Directors, the VPM Community Advisory Board (CAB) and staff. Part of the role of the Board and CAB is to hold management accountable to the annual DEI roadmap. This process also allows us to regularly review our goals and activities to ensure we are on track to support the DEI Intention.

VPM’s year one DEI plan and an executive summary of final results are available on our website.

DEI Executive Summary (PDF) | VPM's DEI Roadmap (PDF)

VPM’s year two plan is in development. We have hired Avent Diversity Consulting to offer guidance in crafting the roadmap for 2023. With the firm’s guidance, we plan to conduct a climate survey in the fall of 2022 to identify gaps and inform our priorities. Once the plan is finalized, we will post it online since transparency is key to our work.

DEI in Staff and Governance

One of our priorities is to ensure our staff, governing boards and advisory boards represent the communities we serve.

VPM has around 100 full-time employees.

Our workforce as of January 1, 2023 is 46% female and 51% male with 1% self-identifying as non-binary and 2% opting not to answer. 73% self-report as White, 10% as Black or African American, 5% are Hispanic, 4% Two or More Races, 1% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander and 7% chose not to specify. VPM has two boards, the VPM Media Corporation Board and the Virginia Foundation for Public Media Board. The VPM Board currently has 14 members with seven men and seven women and five who identify as persons of color. The Virginia Foundation for Public Media Board has nine members with three women and three who identify as persons of color.

The VPM Community Advisory Board is comprised of 31 volunteers from across Central Virginia, with 23 representing the Richmond/Petersburg/Fredericksburg area and 8 from the Charlottesville/Shenandoah Valley area. Ten identify as male and 21 are female; 14 identify as White; 15 identified as a Person of Color, Multiracial or from a Latino or Hispanic origin. Two chose not to answer.