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U.S. Supreme Court Refused GOP Request For A Stay On Redrawing House Districts


The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a request from Virginia Republicans to halt the implementation of a new House of Delegates map for the 2019 elections.

It is an election year, and timing is critical in this case. “Well it’s a very terse order, like two lines,” said University of Richmond Law Professor Carl Tobias. “But it basically denies the GOP request for a stay in the Bethune-Hill case which involved the maps which would be drawn for the 11 districts which the panel found were racially gerrymandered.”

The Supreme Court’s order means a lower court can now proceed with redrawing the map, despite Republican claims it has technical errors among other things. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the merits in the Spring.

Tuesday’s order means about two dozen House districts in Richmond, Petersburg and Hampton Roads could have new lines.


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