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Richmond NAACP Calls City Council Member Who Yelled At Mayor 'Divisive' And 'Destructive'

Roberto Roldan/WCVE News

The NAACP’s Richmond branch is criticizing Richmond City Council member Reva Trammell for her behavior at the mayor’s budget presentation on Wednesday. 

Shortly after Mayor Levar Stoney gave his speech, which included a proposal to raise property taxes by 7.5 percent, City Council Member Reva Trammell got into a shouting match with Stoney and Council President Cynthia Newbille.

She was upset that the mayor didn't want to take questions from council members and demanded the mayor answer whether or not he was a property owner in the city.

"Mayor, where do you live," she shouted repeatedly.

Stoney grinned as Trammell continued with her comments, which angered her even more.

“This is not fair for him to be able to sit there and laugh. I hope to God this is your last laugh that you're laughing at us up here,” she said.

Those comments are drawing the ire of the NAACP. They issued a statement Thursday afternoon calling her remarks "divisive and destructive." The group offered to assist Trammell or any other elected official with "development of suitable interpersonal skills." Richmond NAACP President James J. Minor said they’re not asking for an apology, because he knows Trammell wouldn'y give one. 

Trammell confirmed that in phone conversation Thursday.

She said she felt Stoney’s laughter was aimed at her and her constituents. She says they don’t want a property tax hike. 

“It was not laughing matter," Trammell said. "Does he know what it feels like to have to struggle?”

Trammell says if anyone’s going to give an apology, it should be the Mayor.



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