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Senator Tim Kaine: Children Should Not Suffer Over Border Politics

Senator Tim Kaine

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine says children have become innocent victims in the partisan fight over immigration policy and has co-sponsored legislation to halt what he calls “cruel treatment of children at the border.”

Kaine and Mark Warner introduced the legislation that he took to the Senate floor today.

“The story earlier this week about a border agent requiring a young girl…’your parents are going to be separated and you have to decide whether you go with your mother or your father.’ Should a child have to do that?”

The bill would end de facto separation at the border and sets minimum health standards, requires three meals a day and ends for-profit-contractors The President says Obama began separation and Congress refuses to agree on an overall immigration policy to fix any of it. But while the debate goes on, Kaine says children shouldn’t suffer.

“I just wanted to do something that we can look in the mirror and be proud of.”


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