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UVA Researchers: Four Times More Boys Than Girls Diagnosed With Autism

Kevin Pelphrey, UVA Department of Neurology
Kevin Pelphrey, UVA Department of Neurology (Photo: UVA School of Medicine)

University of Virginia researchers are tackling one of autism's great mysteries…why it affects boys four times more often than girls. 

Kevin Pelphrey of UVA’s Department of Neurology says shedding light on autism-spectrum disorders in girls has been almost entirely overlooked.

“The more we know about girls and the more we know about the differences between boys and girls with autism, the better we will be at understanding how autism manifests in girls and that might actually help us to understand both boys and girls with autism a little better and do a little bit better job at helping them achieve the very best outcome," said Pelphrey.

And he says the current lack of information about girls means many are never diagnosed and miss out on timely intervention . The UVA School of Medicine is spearheading the study supported by the National Institutes of Health. 


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