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China Trade Tariffs Have Erased 65% of Farm Exports In One Year

Unloading Virginia Farm Products, Dandong, China
Unloading Virginia Farm Products, Dandong, China (Photo: Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)

Losing China as an export market has been a major blow to American farmers, with total exports falling from 24 billion in 2014 to 9.1 billion last year. Virginia farmers are feeling the effects as well.

Virginia Farm Exports to  China dropped 65% last year.

“We went from 691 million in 2017 to 235 million in 2018.

Stephanie Agee, Director of Marketing and Development says Virginia cultivated relationships that made China its biggest importer by far.

“And these relationships are being hurt and it’s going to be very difficult to get these back even if tariffs went away tomorrow.”

Figures for 2019 are not looking any better.  As of June, farm exports were down another 43% over last year’s figures.  Virginia farm and forestry products constitute Virginia’s largest industry.


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