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White Nationalist Group Stickers Appear on U of R’s Campus

(Photo: Yasmine Jumaa/VPM)

Stickers from a white supremacist group, carrying “divisive and repugnant speech” appeared around the University of Richmond’s campus over the weekend.

The university’s President Dr. Ronald Crutcher sent out a letter on Monday afternoon, to inform the U of R community of what happened and reiterate the school’s values. But many students said they never received it. 

Noah Nicholson is a junior at U of R -- a majority-white school. He said he heard about the incident from a classmate.

“I’m definitely not surprised that this happened. As a black man this happens everyday,” said Nicholson. “You see it on the news, you experience it sometimes and, like I said, it’s not always in your face.”

Recently, two KKK groups have left flyers and other material on people’s doorsteps in Henrico County and Mechanicsville

According to campus police, it's the second time this month that the same hate-group’s propaganda was found. 

Dave McCoy is the university’s chief of police. He said he’s focused on community outreach. 

“We want to be as responsive as we can to answer questions from community members as to what are we doing, and how they can feel safe and operate normally,” McCoy said. 

The stickers were removed by police. But McCoy said the investigation is underway. 


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