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U.S. Weather Service: South, Southeast Va Could Face Tropical Storm Winds, Rain

Hurricane Dorian Approaches Florida
Hurricane Dorian Approaches Florida (Photo courtesy of NOAA)

While Hurricane Dorian continues to bear down on Florida and directly threaten Georgia and the Carolinas, the National Weather Service at Wakefield is concerned about the potential here, if the track moves to the west. 

Meteorologist Eswar Iyer in Wakefield this afternoon:   Still, obviously as you know a few days away.  There is still a bit of uncertainty regarding the forecast, however, the potential for tropical storm conditions are increasing, especially across the eastern and south, southeast parts of Virginia.

Fishburne:  He says it is the potential that they are worried about here.

Iyer:  Central Virginia is closer to the edge of the rainfall.  Obviously if the track shifts a little bit further to the west, Central Virginia could get into the heavy rainfall, but as of now there is a lot of uncertainty.

Fishburne:  Stay tuned for updates as situations change. 

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