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Federal Railway Administration Gives Green Light to Advance the DC2RVA Rail Project

Amtrak Through Ashland
Amtrak Through Ashland (Photo: Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation)

The Federal Railway Administration has just given the green light to move ahead on an ambitious “Higher Speed Rail Project” that would improve train traffic on a 123-mile corridor from Richmond to DC.

The FRA just has signed off on the Environmental Impact Study which opens the door for more federal money for planning.

"This provides us with the environmental clearance for expanding rail capacity between DC and Richmond," said Jennifer Mitchell, Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation. "We expect that is going to be built out incrementally.  We do plan to start with some segments in Northern Virginia."

The plan is for four tracks there, three tracks almost everywhere else, except through Ashland, which will maintain two tracks but with improved grading. 

"So what we will be able to see in the future is more trains, more reliable trains, and better alternatives to get from Richmond into DC and into the northeast corridor."

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