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Henrico Offers Free-Life-Saving Drug For Opioid Overdose

Narcan Survival Kit
Narcan Survival Kit. (Photo: Leslie Martin Stephen)

Forty-eight people died in Henrico County last year due to opioid overdose and the county has shifted its battle into high gear to try to stop it. One of the more promising programs hands out a free, life-saving drug, along with the means to use it.

Many are dying.  For many others, it is a close call.  But there is a drug called Narcan that works if it is administered soon enough.

Leslie Martin Stephen, Henrico Mental Health :  “It could save their life”

Leslie Martin Stephen, Henrico Mental Health says it is crucial to have it on hand, and they provide it free for taking classes in its use.

Stephen :  It’s a really good deal because that medication is over 100 dollars in a pharmacy.

Henrico has held these classes before and trained 500 people in its use, and will begin again next week.  Details at  and she says, don’t be shy.

Stephen:  Addiction is really a disease and needs to be treated as such. There are medicines that can help with an opioid misuse disorder.   Some of them, save lives .


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