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Senator Kaine Reacts to US Airstrike Against Iranian Leader

Senator Tim Kaine at a microphone.
Virginia's Democratic Senator Tim Kaine. (Photo: Sen. Kaine's Office)

After a U.S. airstrike killed a top Iranian military leader, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is pushing for lawmakers to debate and vote on -- whether or not the President has authority to order a strike without approaching Congress. 

Senator  Tim Kaine:  The question is not whether Soleimani was a despicable killer. He was. And the question is not whether Iran is a bad actor.  They are. The question is whether the United States should be engaged in another unnecessary war in the Middle East.

Kaine is a member of both the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees. According to the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the sole power to declare war. The President has to ask permission to do so. 

Kaine says President Donald Trump should still consult with Congress  before taking action even in the event of “an imminent threat.”

Iran is threatening revenge. More troops are also being deployed to the Middle East.


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