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Two young campers stand next to each other, grinning at the camera.
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Gallery: Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp

Ending each meal in song is one of the many traditions honored each year at the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp, founded in 1992 by physical therapists working at the Baltimore Regional Burn Center.

The camp is specifically designed for children who have experienced burn injuries, so they can safely enjoy the outdoors with peers of shared experiences, where scars are the norm.

Photos by Randi B. Hagi/WMRA

burn camp 4.jpeg
Jacob (left) and Rodney (right) have been coming to the camp for seven and six years, respectively. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)
burn camp 6.jpeg
Campers check out a medevac helicopter that flight paramedics landed on Cherry Hill at the camp. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)
burn camp 5.jpeg
Fire Chief Matt Tobia sings along after lunch. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)
burn camp 3.jpeg
Dylan Dunne has been involved with the camp for over 15 years. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)
burn camp 7.jpg
Aaliyah gets ready to work on her crochet project. Arts and crafts and writing are some of her favorite camp activities. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)
burn camp 1.jpeg
Young campers dress up flight paramedic Wynn Locher during an activity at the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp this summer. (Randi B. Hagi / WMRA)