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Roughly 30 people standing in front of the Commonwealth Building wearing orange and holding various anti–gun violence signs
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Photos: Anti–gun violence vigil at Virginia State Capitol

Richmond Public Schools closed on Wednesday, June 7, following the mass shooting outside Altria Theater after Huguenot High School's graduation.

During that time, dozens of students, parents and Richmond-area residents decided to march.

Wearing orange to stand with victims and survivors of gun violence and carrying handmade signs, they traveled to the Virginia State Capitol for an anti–gun violence rally.

Photos by Carlos Bernate for VPM News.

Families, children, and community members gather near the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, on June 7, 2023, for a family-friendly walk to raise awareness about gun violence in or near schools. (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
About 10 people walk up to the fencing around Capitol Square. Most are wearing orange, and one is carrying a sign: "JUST STOP! Legislation Works!" (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
Line of children and parents walk outside the fencing surrounding Capitol Square. The child in the center is holding a sign: "DONE WITH GUNS" (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
A group of people stand, including a child who leans against a cement column. The child holds a sign that reads, "We Just Want To Be Safe!" (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
A line of people, including children, walk down a sidewalk holding signs with anti-gun and anti-violence messaging including "We Just Want to Be Safe!"; "No More Guns!"; and "Protect Kids, Not Guns! Enough Is Enough!" (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
A group of people, many of whom are wearing orange, walk down a sidewalk. Some hold signs with anti-gun or anti–gun violence messages. (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
About 10 people walk in front of fencing that's installed in front of the Virginia State Capitol, a large white building with columns. One holds a sign that reads "DONE WITH GUNS"  (Carlos Bernate / for VPM News)
Children and adults wearing orange stand in a small circle. One child's shirt reads "DONE WITH GUNS!" (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
A line of people including children walk down a brick sidewalk holding signs with anti–gun violence messages. (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
A child sits on stone steps with a street sign that's been modified to say "NO GUNS ANY TIME." (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)
An adult with a tattooed forearm holds a child's hand as they walk along a brick path behind another group of adults with children. (Carlos Bernate / For VPM News)