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Crowd of Richmond City employees and supporters holding "Richmond is for Unions" signs with SEIU Virginia 512 branding
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SEIU Virginia 512, Teamsters Local 322 gather at Richmond City Hall

Employees of various Richmond City agencies, local Starbucks workers and other unionized laborers gathered early Thursday afternoon in front of City Hall to file for their respective union elections.

The workers filing for union elections, represented by SEIU Virginia 512 and Teamsters Local 322, were joined by local and state labor leaders, as well as two Richmond City councilors.

According to a local news release from both organizations, the reasoning behind filing is simple: “They deserve a seat at the table.”

Photos by Scott Elmquist

Supporters and prospective union members gathered outside of City Hall around lunchtime on Thursday. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Doris Crouse-Mays, president of the Virginia AFL-CIO, speaks at Thursday's filing in front of Richmond City Hall. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Charles Skelly, IBEW Local 666's business manager, speaks on Thursday (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
“We are not ‘one city: our city,’ we are the other city,” said DPW worker Mavis Green, referencing a semi-official Richmond slogan. “When you come to work and you work 80 hours, and your health care is more than your net, that's the other city. … When you have to commute and you can't live in the city that you work in, that's the other city.”  (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Council Vice President Kristen Nye, who represents Richmond's Southwest District, joined Thursday's event to support local unions. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
The city employs approximately 4,000 workers across various agencies. Thursday's labor units comprise roughly half of that workforce. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Tyler Hoffman, a local union leader for Starbucks Workers United, was on hand too: “Your fellow working-class brothers and sisters at Starbucks will be here every step of the way for your battle.” (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Linda Brown, a Richmond Public Library worker, speaks in support of unionizing. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Councilor Reva Trammell, who represents Richmond's Southside, also came to support workers organizing. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)
Workers carried signs in support of SEIU and Teamsters. (Scott Elmquist / VPM News)