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Citizens Rally at State Capitol Over Gun Reform


Citizens on both sides of the gun control debate rallied at the capitol today to advocate for their stance on firearms in the Commonwealth.

As a victim of sexual assault, Kristi Horton says she looks to her legislators to protect her right to bear arms.

"Anything that makes it more difficult for me to obtain a firearm to defend myself hurts me, because there are people who really do want to hurt me."

Shana Turner interprets her tragedy differently. After losing her 25-year-old son to gun violence in 2017, Turner now advocates for stricter gun control laws.

"I'm not taking away anyone's second amendment, but let's be clear, people that have guns in their home aren't actually using them to protect themselves."

More than a dozen gun control laws were killed in committee last week on a party-line vote by the Republican majority.

Democratic legislators say they look forward to next year, after November elections when they hope to have a better shot at passing gun control measures.

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