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Camille’s 50th Anniversary: A Reminder To Prepare

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the deadliest natural disaster in Virginia History.  Hurricane Camille slipped into Virginia overnight causing massive inland flooding and mudslides, leaving more than 150 dead. The Commonwealth has taken action to assure it doesn’t happen again.


It was dark.   Many of the victims lost power and heard the heavy rain, but had no warning of the mudslides that wiped out homes and mountainsides.  Jeff Caldwell, Virginia Department of Emergency Management.


“Today, we mark the memory of more than 150 who died overnight as the remnants of Hurricane Camille washed into Virginia .”


His agency was created in the wake of Camille.  To plan, coordinate and educate all of us about the dangers.


“Hurricanes can strike anywhere in the Commonwealth.”


And he says, we are approaching peak season.


“Between mid-August and the end of October.”


There are ways to protect homes and families and businesses, spelled out at the state’s website at

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