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Dorian On Track, Coming Up The East Coast

Hurricane Dorian Satellite Photo, Tuesday 1800 UTC
Hurricane Dorian Satellite Photo, Tuesday 1800 UTC (Photo: NOAA)

Hurricane Dorian has made its turn and is coming up the east coast.  There are hurricane warnings from Florida to South Carolina, with watches extending north to Duck, North Carolina, but that could change. 

Meteorologist in Charge of the National Weather Service in Wakefield Jeff Orrock says Dorian is still on track.  We’ll have a category 2 hurricane passing somewhere in the vicinity of Cape Lookout and very close to Cape Hatteras.

Then he says it will take a turn.

Orrock:  And it will be moving northeast, pulling away from the coast here Friday morning.

Fishburne:  On its current track Dorian is predicted to bring 55-65 mile-an-hour winds to the Hampton Roads area. Here:

Orrock :  Winds will be sustained maybe around 20-30 miles an hour.  There could be a few gusts to 40-45 miles an hour on Friday.

Fishburne:  Three to six inches of rain predicted for southeast Virginia, one to two inches here beginning Thursday evening, if it comes. 

The track can change.  Stay tuned for updates.

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