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VPM News Photo Year-in-Review: Everything Else

In May, a corporate tower belonging to Dominion Energy was imploded. (Photo: Crixell Matthews/VPM News)

As this momentous year comes to a close, VPM News is looking back at our top stories and photos of 2020 for our first ‘year in review’ series. Today is our final day of photos. Monday’s segment was on the legislative session , Tuesday the pandemic , Wednesday was photos from the protests , and yesterday was election photos .

In a year with so many consequential moments, some will necessarily be lost from memory. For our final installment of ‘best of’ photos, we’re highlighting a few shots that didn’t quite fit anywhere else.

Lynn Murphy in front of the Richmond Police Department, where she documented police responses to the protests this summer. Murphy, Goad Gatsby, and other citizen journalists had their cellphones seized by Richmond Police when they were arrested during summer protests.

Theresa Steele told Megan Pauly about the racism she experienced from medical professionals when Pauly reported on legislation to address racial disparities in maternal health.

Pauly also reported on the role of police in school, with the story of "Mike," a high school student who was arrested over a lighter. Mike remained anonymous for the story, requiring some clever photography work.

Although the pandemic limited the ceremony, the chiefs of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Indian Tribes still held their  annual Thanksgiving Day event at the governor's mansion. Per a 1677 treaty, local tribal groups bring deer to the governor in lieu of property taxes.

Earlier this year, the City of Richmond closed its flood walls for the first time since 1999 due to high water.

Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting us all year, and please let us know if you have any feedback on our coverage, or want to see anything new in 2021. The news team is off today, but we'll be back Monday. Happy holidays!

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