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Baratunde Thurston: How To Citizen

About The Episode

This year's election saw historic voter turnout. But in a divided democracy, how else can we commit to our civic duties? This hour, Baratunde Thurston joins Manoush with ideas on how to citizen.

About Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde Thurston is an Emmy-nominated writer, comedian, and political commentator. He's the executive producer and host of two podcasts: How To Citizen with Baratunde and We're Having A Moment.

Thurston is also the creator and host of the weekly pandemic show, Live On Lockdown. Previously, Thurston worked as the director of digital for The Onion and supervising producer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He serves on the boards of BUILD and the Brooklyn Public Library.

He holds a BA in Philosophy from Harvard University.

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