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Flying Squirrels Insider: New Events Planned for All-Star Week

Flying Squirrels Insider

Trey Wilson and Jake Eisenberg take a look at the Squirrels’ recent road trip. We find out more about up coming events planned for the All-Star week coming in July. Executive Director of Operations, Steve Ruckman talks with Trey as we continue to look back over 10 seasons of Squirrels baseball. Todd "Parney" Parnell shares more history from year one.

Flying Squirrels Insider is a thirty-minute bi-weekly show which features behind-the-scenes coverage of the Flying Squirrels organization and covers story-lines both on the field and off. Flying Squirrels Insider is sponsored in part by the Richmond Department of Public Utilities and Secure Testing Services, LLC. Flying Squirrels Insider airs on WCVE PBS/WHTJ PBS and WCVW PBS through September 5th.

Episode 803

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