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Books to Inspire Your Young Scientist

science books for kids

From PBS Parents / Tamera Dodson – Science isn't just for adults! Children are natural scientists, asking questions and making predictions about the world around them. They want to know "why" and "what if" and "how." Just like your young scientist, the characters in this collection of books for children ages 2-8 are always asking questions, conducting experiments, and building new inventions. After reading these books, what will your child be inspired to create?

Cece Loves Science (Age: 4-8): Cece loves to ask "why," "how" and "what if." When her teacher asks her to do a science experiment, she is ready to take on the task. She teams up with her friend Isaac and her dog Einstein to conduct the investigation. What will they find out? Beautiful illustrations accompany this fun text that supports curious kids and their use of the scientific method to find an answer.

Dragons and Marshmallows (Age: 6-8): In this early reader chapter book series, Zoey and her cat Sassafras are always finding magical animals that need help. In this first book, they find a sick baby dragon who needs healing. Can Zoey use her science skills to help little Marshmallow and save the day? This is a great book for children transitioning from picture books to chapter books.

Charlotte the Scientist Is Squished (Age: 4-7): Charlotte loves science, but she has so many brothers and sisters that she doesn't have room to conduct her experiments. Can she use science to solve the problem and find the space she needs? This cute book is a good introduction to the scientific method for early readers.

If I Built a House (Age: 3-5): Jack has a great imagination for thinking of new inventions. In this fun tale, Jack thinks of all the great things that he would put into a house including a racetrack, a flying room and a gigantic slide. After reading this book, your child might just come up with some new inventions for your house too!

Randy Riley's Really Big Hit (Age: 4-8): Randy Riley has two things he and baseball. He is great at the science, but struggles at the bat. One night while using his telescope, Randy spots a fireball headed towards Earth. He must use all of his science and math...and baseball...skills to save the day.

How to Code a Sandcastle (Age: 4-8): Pearl wants to build an amazing sandcastle at the beach, but silly puppies and other obstacles keep getting in her way. She decides to ask her robot Pascal for help. In order to help, Pascal needs specific step-by-step directions. Can Pearl find a way to tell Pascal exactly what he needs to know so that they can make the sandcastle? This book is a fun and unique introduction to computer coding concepts such as sequencing and loops.

Addy-matic and the Toasterrific (Age: 4-8): Addy is not a morning person, but she does have a mind for invention. Using the items around her, she builds a Rube Goldberg inspired machine to make her morning toast. This book uses cute pictures and rhyming text to encourage engineering and creative thinking. It might even inspire a Rube Goldberg invention in your house.

Itsy-Bitsy's Science Adventure (Age: 2-7): Itsy-Bitsy decides to take a walk one day. Along the way, he meets many animal friends including a fly, a salamander, and three bears. Your child can learn more about each of Itsy-Bitsy's new animal friends in this early science book.

Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?: All About Weather (Age: 4-8): Nick and Sally love to go on science adventures with The Cat in the Hat! In this book, they join the Cat in the Hat on a hot air balloon ride to learn about rain and snow, thermometers, clouds, fog, and so much more. This book is a great addition to the Cat in the Hat Learning Library series.