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Molly of Denali App

Molly of Denali

Go on adventures with Molly of Denali from PBS KIDS! In this app, kids ages 4-8 can play with Molly and friends in her Alaskan village, Qyah. Children can go on dog sledding missions, fish, create beading projects or help run the Denali Trading Post. The Molly of Denali app teaches children to use familiar texts such as books, diagrams, and captioned photos to solve problems, accomplish tasks, and help Molly’s friends! The educational games in Molly of Denali support foundational literacy skills in using and understanding informational texts.

Download the Molly of Denali Learning App: iPhone/iPad | Google Play

  • Fish Camp: learn about fishing and respecting nature
  • Sled Dog Dash: learn about dog sledding and caring for your dogs
  • Beading Art: learn the tradition of Alaskan Native beadwork with simple patterns
  • Denali Trading Post: interact with customers and fill orders
  • Step into Molly’s world with character interactivity
  • Pick blueberries for Molly’s dad
  • Have a snowball fight with Trini and Tooey
  • Feed the sled dogs
  • Play the drums with Grandpa Nat
  • Learn about Alaska Native values with a focus on community and traditions
  • Learn common Alaska Native phrases (i.e. “Mahsi-choo!”)

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