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Clifford The Big Red Dog Books

Clifford The Big Red Dog

From PBS Parents - The big red dog is back! Share Clifford's timeless imaginative adventures by reading these books with your child.

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Imagine having a dog bigger than a house! In the original story that has sparked the imaginations of young readers for generations, a little girl named Emily Elizabeth gets a tiny puppy who grows up to be the biggest dog in the whole world. With his larger-than-life stories and his huge heart, Clifford the Big Red Dog has entertained children since 1963. He’s big, he’s red, but most important, Clifford is a good friend who’s always ready to play and help.

Clifford the Small Red Puppy
Before Clifford became the biggest dog ever, he was the smallest puppy in the litter! Clifford was so tiny that Emily Elizabeth’s dad didn’t think Clifford will make it through the winter. So Emily Elizabeth makes a special wish...and it comes true in a BIG way! Friendship and humor abound in this story of how Clifford grew into the Big Red Dog readers have loved for generations.

Clifford at the Circus
When Emily Elizabeth finds out the circus is in trouble, Clifford jumps at the chance to join. But after taming the lions, walking the tightrope, and filling in for an elephant, Clifford no longer needs to save the circus — he needs to rescue Emily Elizabeth!

Clifford Gets a Job
Clifford the Big Red Dog has a big appetite! When Emily Elizabeth’s parents start getting huge food bills, Clifford decides it’s time to get a job. Where will he go — the circus? The farm? Follow along as Clifford tries to find a job that’s just right for him.

Clifford Takes a Trip
Summer vacation means one thing: more time for Emily Elizabeth to play with Clifford! Until this summer, that is. Emily Elizabeth’s family is going far away — so far that Clifford can’t come. Or can he? Follow Clifford’s adventures as he sniffs, swims and tiptoes to join Emily Elizabeth in the mountains.

Clifford's Good Deeds
Clifford loves to help others. He has a good heart, but whenever he tries to be responsible and do good deeds for others, they always seem to backfire. It’s hard being a gigantic dog! After a series of mishaps, Clifford’s size comes in handy — just in the nick of time. Find out what makes Clifford a hero!

Clifford's Tricks
There’s a new girl in Emily Elizabeth and Clifford’s neighborhood and she has a dog! With a new dog in town, what’s better than a little friendly competition? Clifford and Bruno, the new dog on the block, have a contest to see who’s smarter and braver. It’s a close call until there’s an accident in the water, and Clifford proves he’s the bravest and kindest of them all.

Clifford: It's Pool Time!
It’s summertime, and Emily Elizabeth wants to earn her Cool Kahuna Badge at the Birdwell Island pool. She’ll have to swim across the pool using three different strokes, go down to the bottom of the deep end, and jump off the high dive! Clifford and his friends turn each part of the test into a game to help Emily Elizabeth practice. But on the day of the test, the high dive is broken. Will Clifford be able to help her win her badge?

Clifford: Big Red School
Every day, Emily Elizabeth heads off to school and Clifford waits patiently for his best friend to come home. Then Emily Elizabeth has a great idea. What if Clifford and his doggy friends got to go to school too? Together, they get to do all of the same things Emily Elizabeth does when she is at school, like story time, art and music class, and snack time. Welcome to the first and only big red school!

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