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How to Record a Video on Your Phone

Guy on his phone
Credit: Storyblocks

By knowing the right techniques, you can shoot a quality video with just your cellphone. Follow the tips below and send VPM your videos at [email protected].


  • Resolution: Many phones give you the option to record at different resolutions and frame rates. If possible, shoot at 1080 HD at 30 fps or higher. Go to your phone's settings and search for the camera app. 
  • Close-Ups: Rather than using the zoom function, physically move closer to the object. This prevents the video looking pixelated. 
  • Stability: If filming someone else, hold your phone with both hands and keep your elbows close to your sides. To pan or zoom, move your body rather than your arms, this prevents the shot from being shaky. For additional stability, use a phone stand or get creative with a tripod!
  • Landscape: Hold your phone horizontal for broadcast ready footage.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is often best. If inside, utilize natural light from a window or turn on lamps. 


To pick-up the best audio, position your phone close to the person talking. For a single selfie shot, ie you are holding the phone and talking, wear wired headphones with a built in mic.


This is optional, but b-roll is extra video that helps tell a story when edited together. If talking about a specific topic, for example tomato plants, after finishing your original video take an additional 20 second video of just your tomato plants. By providing both your main video and b-roll, our editors can create a "segment."

Send us your video to [email protected] with your name, where you are from and the topic. We will reach out to you directly if your video is shared on VPM!



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