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Youth in the Time of Coronavirus

Two children playing hide and seek in window sills
Photo by Jessica West from Pexels

With so much of the coronavirus conversation focused on the challenges adults are facing - physical and mental health, job security, etc. - it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this pandemic is also a confusing and difficult time for children. 

While we don’t have all the answers, we do think it’s important to share how the pandemic is affecting kids. How are they feeling? What are they doing to help each other and the adults in their lives manage the unknown? Have they been able to find any silver linings in all of this?

June interviewed a bunch of her friends to see what’s been the most challenging, what’s keeping them up at night, and what they’re excited to do once they can all be together again. 

We also heard from a reporter in Brooklyn about how her two kids are forming an inseparable bond through karate, snacks and reading; a librarian continuing to share the love of books and storytelling; a school system finding safe ways to continue feeding its students; and an FM radio station going way out of its comfort zone to make sure high schoolers don’t miss out on a crucial rite of passage: prom.

Share your stories of how kids are making the most of social distancing at [email protected].

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