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Circle Time at Home: "Hey Diddle, Diddle"

teacher pointing to a nursery rhyme text

Home Learning | Circle Time at Home

“Hey Diddle, Diddle” is an amusing rhyme that encourages children to laugh at it silliness. It’s not meant to make sense. It’s meant to stimulate children’s imagination and bring about happiness! A number of familiar animals do silly things as the rhyme unfolds. Practice concepts of print and word with a local educator as we read and recite the rhyme together. Learn about the violin when a local young musician shares her instrument with us. An alphabet activity helps to complete our Circle Time at Home! Grades: Preschool and Kindergarten.

VA Foundation Blocks for Early Learning:

  • Oral Language Blocks 1,2,3,4,5
  • Music Blocks 1,3

VA Standards of Learning – Kindergarten:

  • Oral Language K.1,2,4
  • Reading K.5,7, Music K.3,9
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