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Circle Time at Home: "Little Red Riding Hood"

educator telling a story

Home Learning | Circle Time at Home

Little Red Riding Hood is a French fairytale for young children about a young girl and a wolf. The story comes from a folktale which means that it was a spoken story for a long time before it was a written story. Two local educators share this story first with an emphasis on story narration followed by an interactive writing lesson focused on the meaning of kindness. An art-inspired scavenger hunt for colors, shapes, sizes, and textures will stimulate your child’s imagination for their own art creations using everyday objects found in your home! Grades: Preschool and Kindergarten.

VA Foundation Blocks for Early Learning

  • Oral Language Blocks 1,2,3,4,6
  • Visual Arts Blocks 1,3,4

VA Standards of Learning – Kindergarten

  • Oral Language K.1,2
  • Reading K.8,9
  • Writing K.11,12,13
  • Visual Arts K.3,12,15,16,17
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