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One Year After "Resettled," What's Changed?

Chef Noori Owner of the Mantu
Chef Noori reopening his restaurant under COVID-19 guidelines.


In this special episode of Resettled, executive producer Angela Massino checks in a year later with Chef Noori, owner of the Richmond restaurant  The Mantu. While the chef was navigating how to operate in a pandemic, an unexpected email led to a moment of fame he hopes will inspire the community. 

Angela also has a conversation with the host Ahmed Badr about visiting Iraq as an adult. What does he consider home? How does he navigate his many identities? Why is he so passionate about teaching others how to tell and share their own stories on their own terms?

Ahmed also has a major life update. He is going to Harvard Graduate School of Education this fall! He also published a book While The Earth Sleeps We Travel and grew his storytelling nonprofit Narratio this summer with a National Geographic partnership.  To follow his storytelling projects visit:

The following non-profits and organizations were mentioned in the credits of this episode.



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