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Coming to VPM PBS Fall 2021

Collage of images from upcoming VPM PBS productions
Production images (left to right): "Mending Walls," "Making Menuhin," "Raised/Razed: We Didn’t Get Here By Accident" and "Heart Land."

The more we learn, the more we come to understand the world around us. Each new nugget of knowledge, each new discovery, allows us an opportunity to ask new questions, to grow and to become more understanding of our planet and the people with whom we share it. Information helps us stay connected to what matters. Learn more about our world, right here in Virginia, with these locally-produced programs coming to VPM PBS this fall.

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Mending Walls

Premiering on VPM PBS September 16
The groundbreaking public art project  Mending Walls RVAaims to establish empathy and connection through art. Using real-time footage and testimonials, "Mending Walls: The Documentary" shows this healing journey through art. It's a story of recognizing our collective frustration and confusion, of understanding our different experiences, of practicing empathy, and of healing a community through art. We need to talk, and we need to listen, to move our community forward.

Making Menuhin

Premiering on VPM PBS Fall/Winter of 2021
The Menuhin Competition — a musical, cultural and educational exchange— takes place every two years in a different city around the world. The competition was originally scheduled to take place in Richmond, Virginia in May 2020, but was postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  This is the story of the 2020/2021 “Olympics of the Violin.”  


Premiering on VPM PBS Fall/Winter of 2021
It’s an all too familiar story in American history: African American neighborhoods and the fabric of communities are destroyed in the name of “urban renewal” and the “public good.” We raze this historical narrative and connect it to present-day Charlottesville, Virginia. This documentary will tell the generational stories of African-American families in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area as they share their experiences of being “raised” in and “razed” from their homes. 

Heart Land

Premiering on VPM PBS Fall/Winter of 2021 
“Heart Land” focuses on rural Virginia. The first episode of “Heart Land” visits Virginia Electric Cooperatives like BARC Electric Cooperative, in Millboro, to explore respective solutions to the problem of broadband access in rural Virginia. 


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