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SEIZING FREEDOM returns to explore a post-Civil War reality in season 2

SEIZING FREEDOM Season Two Artwork
SEIZING FREEDOM Season Two Artwork by Lyne Lucien

The promises of Reconstruction were left unfulfilled in the approach to the turn of the 20th century. The violent system of Jim Crow was being built in real time, brick by brick. 

Season two of VPM’s podcast SEIZING FREEDOM premieres today with more stories of Black Americans continuing to fight for their freedom in the Reconstruction era during the rise of Jim Crow and beyond. Black people had vibrant debates about the best strategy for life after emancipation and Reconstruction and how to continue to achieve their ancestors' dreams.  

Season two of SEIZING FREEDOM features 16 total episodes.  

In eight narrative episodes, voice actors use letters, diaries, newspapers and autobiographies to bring you stories from luminaries like Ida B. Wells-Barnett and W.E.B. DuBois, as well as everyday freedom fighters forging their own paths forward.  

In eight complementary interview episodes, woven throughout the series, host Dr. Kidada E. Williams speaks with artists, activists and intellectuals about how the themes of the narratives and the legacy of this time period impact the nation today. 

SEIZING FREEDOM is a co-production of VPM and Molten Heart. You can listen to Season two of SEIZING FREEDOM wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes will be available on Tuesdays. 

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