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Legacy List Season 4 cast
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Left to right: LEGACY LIST team members Avi Hopkins, Mike Kelleher, host Matt Paxton and Jaime Ebanks.

Season 4 of the two-time Emmy-nominated series LEGACY LIST WITH MATT PAXTON premiered on public television stations in January 2023 (check local listings); episodes will also stream on and

This season, Matt and his team of experts — Jaime Ebanks, Avi Hopkins and Mike Kelleher — cross the country and meet with families whose unique stories reveal the rich diversity of the American experience. From a coal mining family in Pennsylvania to an Atlanta rabbi, from the daughter of a Japanese American space engineer to the family of one of the young girls killed in the tragic 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, this season’s stories are more emotional and powerful than ever.

“This new season is my favorite yet and we’re really excited about sharing these new episodes with our viewers,” says host Matt Paxton. “From sunny California to eastern coal country, we got to help families downsize their homes and hear the amazing stories about their family history. From the moon and back, this season’s families shared unforgettable memories and we were privileged to help them preserve and share their family’s legacy.”

“The positive impact that Matt and his team have had on these families really shines through in our latest season,” says Executive Producer Steve Humble. “We’re excited to share another inspiring collection of family stories as LEGACY LIST continues to guide families through the challenging process of downsizing.“

Praised as “a combination of Antiques Roadshow and Finding Your Roots, with a touch of the sparking joy of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” by The Washington Post, each episode of LEGACY LIST follows a family’s emotional journey as Matt and his team of experts help them sort through a house full of memories. As a first step, Matt asks families to create a legacy list of essential, must-have items that are missing or about which they’d like to learn more. Through heartfelt conversations, Matt uncovers the story behind each item, spotlighting America’s rich and diverse legacy, one house and one family at a time. Much more than just a how-to show about downsizing, LEGACY LIST WITH MATT PAXTON explores the struggle between holding on to the past and embracing the future and stresses the importance of sharing family stories above holding on to objects. LEGACY LIST has been nominated two years in a row for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle Program.

Below is a list of episodes descriptions for Season 4:

Episode 1 – “Cleared For Take-Off” (Hillsboro, VA)
Retiring pilot Stephen and his wife Cheryl are selling the home they’ve lived in for over 20 years. Before they can put their house on the market, they’ll need Matt’s help clearing out a basement full of collectibles and a carriage house filled with family memories. Among the items they hope to find are a telegraph key that’s almost 100 years old and treasured memorabilia from Stephen’s years as a Navy pilot.

Episode 2 – “All Systems Go” (Downey, CA)
When your dad helps put a man on the moon, you’re bound to have cool stuff in your garage. That’s what Vicki finds out when she cleans out her family home and gets it ready to rent. As the last surviving member of her family, it’s up to her to go through a house full of personal belongings — including heirlooms that honor her Japanese heritage and boxes filled with one-of-a-kind treasures her dad collected while working on the Apollo space program.

Episode 3 – “Coal Miner’s Granddaughter” (Swoyersville, PA)
Matt and the team are in coal country to help Lisa dig out from over 100 years and four generations of family clutter. Her relatives worked in the local mines and the house is filled with artifacts that proudly celebrate their hardworking past but also record the struggle of the town to survive the devastation of the deadly 1972 flood caused by Hurricane Agnes. Things get emotional when she decides to put the house up for sale and is forced to decide what to do with the many treasured items that are part of her family legacy.

Episode 4 – “A Capitol Idea” (Sacramento, CA)
The team is in Sacramento to help Patti declutter her home and locate some cherished heirlooms that celebrate her family’s rich African American heritage. Easier said than done: for the last five years, her house has been used as a family storage unit. As the team rolls up their sleeves and gets to work, Matt enlists the help of a professional organizer who teaches Patti some tips that help her get a handle on the project.

Episode 5 – “A Space For Healing” (Birmingham, AL)
The 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, became a pivotal event in the Civil Rights Movement. Now, years later, Matt is in town to help Lisa and Kimberly, the sisters of one of the little girls who was killed, downsize their longtime home, filled with powerful memories and mementoes from the tragedy. It’s an emotional journey for everyone as Matt and the team discover items that haven’t been seen since the bombing and help the sisters separate the clutter from the treasures buried within their longtime family home.

Episode 6 – “Attic Full Of Memories” (Atlanta, GA)
Rabbi Ellen and her husband Jeffrey, who is preparing to retire from the CDC, are soon to be empty nesters and need help downsizing their home. But before they can think about moving into a smaller space, they must deal with all they have accumulated over the years. Matt helps them sort through an attic full of memories while trying to locate cherished items that belonged to family members who survived the Nazi occupation of Europe and Matt and the Legacy List team are deeply moved by their story of resistance.

LEGACY LIST WITH MATT PAXTON is produced by MY Entertainment and Shipyard Entertainment in association with VPM, Virginia’s home for public media, and distributed by American Public Television (APT). The Executive Producers are Joe Townley, Michael Yudin, and Neil J. Patel. Visit for more information about LEGACY LIST WITH MATT PAXTON, tips about downsizing and decluttering, and to apply to be featured on a future episode.

About the LEGACY LIST Team
Matt Paxton is a leading downsizing and decluttering expert. He started cleaning houses after his father, stepfather and both grandfathers died in the same year, leaving him with several estates to settle at once. Ever since, Matt and his network of experts have been working with families struggling with settling estates and cleanouts for almost 20 years. He has been an expert featured during 15 seasons of the hit A&E TV show Hoarders. Matt is the author of Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff, created in collaboration with AARP and featuring his signature steps to downsizing and decluttering your home. He appears regularly as a public speaker and guest on TV and radio shows helping families find the upside of downsizing. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and seven kids. Yes, seven kids.

Jaime Ebanks is a Virginian who grew up in New York City. Life in New York ignited an adventurous spirit that led her to cross-country trend-hunting trips as a buyer for a fashion business, globetrotting volunteer work to support communities in need, and working as a teacher on a small Caribbean island. Jaime is a Realtor and certified Senior Move Manager. She works with all different types of clients transitioning to the next phase of their lives through the buying and selling process. Jaime and her husband live in Richmond, Virginia, at least until the next adventure beckons.

Avi Hopkins was a multi-sport athlete in high school and earned a football scholarship at the prestigious Virginia Military Institute (VMI), where he studied history, the military, leadership and religion. This background has made Avi an expert in religious and military collectibles. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife TaNisha and three children.

Mike Kelleher is a Virginia native and ardent student of collecting and collections. His main interest is in pop culture items like vinyl records and music memorabilia, as well as items and collectibles from films, toys, video games, stereo equipment and more. Mike works as an estate cleanout and collectibles expert who has helped hundreds of families needing cleanouts, decluttering and item appraisals.

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