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The ABCs of Public Media


Wondering why you should support VPM during Public Media Giving Days? There’s a reason for at least every letter of the alphabet!

Public Media...

  • Amplifies voices
  • Broadens perspectives
  • Connects you to what matters
  • Deepens understanding
  • Engages and educates young minds
  • Fosters conversation
  • Generates curiosity
  • Highlights local voices
  • Invests in our community
  • Jazzes up your weeknights
  • Keeps citizens informed
  • Leads by example
  • Motivates change
  • Nourishes minds
  • Operates with integrity
  • Pursues truth
  • Questions the status quo
  • Respects diversity
  • Strengthens community
  • Tells your stories
  • Uplifts spirits
  • Values a variety of perspectives
  • Works for the people
  • X-amines with an unbiased lens
  • Yields reliable news, entertainment & education
  • Zeroes in on important issues

No matter your reason for giving, your support and generosity enables us to do all of the above and more!

Need another reason to give?

Passionate public media supporter and VPM member, Carole Weinstein will match EVERY DONATION made during the event — up to a total of $10,000! We need your help to unlock this generous bonus and make this year’s Public Media Giving Days a success!

(Challenge ends midnight E.S.T on May 2, 2024)


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