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VPM wins 2 Capital Emmy Awards

2024 Capital Emmy Awards
From left to right: Keyris Manzanares (VPM), Angie Miles (VPM), Lysandra Petersson (Deep Structure Productions), Zan Gillies (Deep Structure Productions), Zach Laliberte (Deep Structure Productions)

VPM, together with its producing partners, has won 2 regional Emmy Awards from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, also known as The Capital Emmys.

The 66th Capital Emmy Awards were held on June 22, 2024 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.

“Awards like this give us a moment to reflect on the hard work that our entire teams put into creating compelling and informative programs all year long,” said Mason Mills, Executive Producer for Life in the Heart Land. “To have recognition from the Emmys confirms the high quality of content we strive to make. It's important to know that our peers recognize we do good work.”

The Capital Emmy-award-winning programs and series produced and/or presented by VPM include:

  • Documentary - Cultural/Topical  
  • Public Affairs Program  
    • Survivors - VPM News Focal Point  
      • Shawn Freude, Executive Producer  
      • Angela Miles, Host/Producer  
      • Roberta Oster, Senior Producer  
      • Adrienne McGibbon, News Producer  
      • Adam Hamza, Associate Producer  
      • Keyris Manzanares, Multimedia Reporter  
      • Billy Shields, Multimedia Reporter  
      • Emmanuel Tambakakis, Chief Photographer  
      • Elijah Hedrick, Production Manager  
      • Bryant Dameron, Director  

Life in the Heart Land’'s episode titled “Farming” details the steep decline in the last century of Americans that still live on farms. The decline is particularly sharp among black farmers, with that number falling from around a million to only about 50,000. The episode also describes the challenges of multigenerational farmers and how some farmers are building a more reliable bottom line through regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing.

VPM News Focal Point’s episode titled “Survivors” highlights how several people survived their overwhelming circumstances. The episode describes how innocent people find a way forward after being wrongfully convicted and losing years of life. It also features a survivor of sex trafficking who is helping others who have escaped abuse and a group of women connected by cancer who find support in each other.

In addition, VPM had 4 other projects that were nominated for Capital Emmys:

A full list of winners and nominees is available here.

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