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Virginia Home Grown sows seeds of sustainability at RVA Big Market

At the RVA Big Market on June 29, Richmonders stopped by the Virginia Home Grown (VHG) booth to hear gardening tips, updates on the production of the latest season and information about VHGs new Green Production Initiative.

“Gardening is a meaningful way to connect with nature and discover the joy of caring for the earth,” said Bryant Dameron, producer of Virginia Home Grown. “We share those messages so often on the show and it just made sense to apply the same standards of care to the production behind the scenes. This event was a great opportunity to let the community know about our work to be better stewards of our environment.

Staying true to the show’s respect for our natural environment, VHG implemented several new filming practices to bolster sustainability and reduce waste during production of the latest season. One example includes the use of solar panels to power the equipment when filming in the field. This clean energy technology was on full display at the Market, where visitors to the VHG booth examined panels and production equipment used to produce the show.

Several members of the VHG team attended the event and offered advice to local gardeners who want to implement environmentally friendly methods in their yards and gardens at home. Attendees scanned a QR code that led them to tips, resources and a newsletter sign-up form on the VHG website. There were also fun and educational activities for both kids and adults, including the chance to make a wildflower seed ball to bring home.

Now in its 24th season, VHG’s mission is to enrich growers and gardeners of all levels by connecting to new voices and fresh ideas, to highlight the unique richness of gardens and natural ecosystems throughout Virginia and serve as a resource for our community. The show introduces audiences to experts and plant enthusiasts from across Virginia by offering how-to demos and video visits to gardens, farms and growing sites. VHG believes gardening is for everyone and that we’re all growing and learning together. Watch live and join the conversation via email at [email protected] or on Facebook.

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