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Senior Team Leadership

Harry Orell, Vice President, Technology

Job description: Harry oversees the VPM IT team and manages IT operations and initiatives, including VPM's data collection, storage and backend ETL infrastructure, the VPM Web team and systems administration for VPM’s network of service partners and cloud platforms.

Previous experience: Harry holds 15 years' experience in software development, database engineering and IT project management in the fin-tech and media industries. Prior to VPM, Harry was the VP of Development for Solovis, a NASDAQ company, and prior to that served as a Senior Project Manager for Willowtree Apps, overseeing development of Fox News's mobile and OTT digital products.

“Public media holds a special place in my heart. NPR's news and weekend programming keep me well-informed and engaged with their comprehensive reporting and unbiased analysis. PBS documentary series like NOVA, Nature, and Frontline educate, enlighten, and inspire me with their meticulous research and compelling storytelling. As a child, shows like Reading Rainbow and Wishbone nurtured my love for literature and encouraged critical thinking.”