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In Your Ear Episode 65: Wayne Henderson and Helen White

Wayne Henderson and Helen White

This is a special edition of In Your Ear, paying tribute to the late Helen White, musician, educator and life partner to renowned Virginia luthier and guitarist Wayne Henderson. The two had met at a festival in the mid-sixties when he noticed her guitar had a loose bridge that needed repair…a chore he was more than willing and able to handle. That began a loving and enduring relationship that lasted until this past October 14th when Helen died just one year shy of seventy.

She was passionate about the power of music to change young lives and founded the organization Junior Appalachian Musicians nearly twenty years ago. She will speak to its mission in the first part of the program which was originally recorded here in Studio A in October of 2008.

Now that Helen has left us, it’s doubly profound to hear their special chemistry once more, knowing how many lives they have both touched. Including each other’s. Wayne Henderson and Helen White…together again.

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