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The Miro Quartet Completes Their Beethoven Cycle

The Miro Quartet
Photo: Jeff Wilson

The Miro Quartet recently released their complete Beethoven quartet recording cycle on the Pentatone label. The ensemble has been working on this project over the last two decades and celebrates the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth with its release.

On completing the cycle, the quartet states "This project has enabled us to explore the mystery and beauty of these works down to the tiniest detail.  But the nature of this great music is that there is always more in it to discover, there is always a new way to hear it, feel it, play it, know it. It lives and breathes and evolves all on its own, so in a sense, there is no way to truly "record" it. Creating these quartets was one of Beethoven's greatest life's works, and in so many ways creating this great set of recordings has been one of ours."

Listen in as I chat with violinist Daniel Ching and violist John Largess about their long journey.

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg Classical Music Host, VPM Music

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