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Avi Avital Talks About "The Art of the Mandolin"

Mandolin player Avi Avital
Photo: Christoph Kostlin

Mandolin player Avi Avital recently joined me for a discussion about his new album "The Art of the Mandolin" on the Deutsche Grammophon label.  The release features a program of original works for the mandolin, along with world premiere recordings of recent commissions.  Composers that are represented include Beethoven, Vivaldi and Scarlatti, with more recent chamber and solo works by Paul Ben-Haim, Hans Werner Henze, Giovanni Sollima and David Bruce.

Avi specifically chose music by composers not known for their mandolin works: "I wanted to explore what the instrument meant, and means, in the wider world – to composers who are, as it were, coming to it from the outside rather than the inside."  I hope you enjoy our lively chat!

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg Classical Music Host, VPM Music

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