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Interview with Ian Brennan on why the music industry is sick--and some good music

Musician Pehuenche is one of the newest artists signed to the record label Nacional--he's got a great voice and style. (Photo Courtesy of Nacional Records)

On Saturday’s World Music Show (9-18), we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and interview music producer and author Ian Brennan about why the music industry is sick.

For the celebration, we’ll hear new music from the artist Pehuenche. He’s been newly signed to Nacional Record Label, who are so nice in keeping me up to date. He’s from Veracruz, which has a rich and diverse music scene. We’ll hear his new song called "Pasado y Olvido,” it’s the second single off his forthcoming album called Vida Ventura.  

Plus, we’ll hear some Puerto Rican boleros, courtesy of local band Miramar.

Also, more tracks from the amazing reworking of the landmark Elvis Costello album This Year’s Model, which has been updated or reworked by taking out Elvis’ vocals and inserting Latin singers, while still keeping The Attractions original instrumentations--it’s really unique and incredible. 

Then, I’ll feature a snippet of my interview with music producer and author Ian Brennan, who’s new book “Muse-Sick,” is a music manifesto in 59 notes on the ills of the music industry and why digital platforms, such as Spotify, are creating inequality in music and creating a laziness in listeners.

The World Music Show airs every Saturday from 6-8pm on VPM Music or online here.


Ian M. Stewart is the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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