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Interview with Delgres band leader Pascal Danae’ - a historical nod

The French Creole band Delgres have two albums out now and are headed on a tour that includes stops in the U.S. (Photo: Cmelanie Elbaz/courtesy of Delgres)

I’m not sure when the first CD of the French Creole band Delgres arrived via airmail to World Music Show headquarters. But I do remember being pulled immediately in by the group’s funk, rhythm and political messages–and that was before even reading the liner notes and web bio about the history of how Delgres came to be.

Their sound, to use the metaphor of Cajun music is like a gumbo, full of swerves, spices and hidden delights–from Danae’’s dobro guitar, to Rafgee’s rhythmic, masterful sousaphone swinging to Baptiste Brondy’s curvy drumming, the band is a mouthful of sound.

I don’t want to ruin it all with writing it all out because I want to you listen to my conversation with leader/founder Pascal Danae’, in which we talk about the history of slavery in France, Napoleon, where the name Delgres comes from and why sousaphones can replace bass guitars.

Throughout our conversation, we mentioned some of the songs off their two albums–Mo Jodi and 4am (which we talk about the meaning behind), so here are some cool videos to check out. And, speaking of checking out, they’ll be coming to the states soon–appropriately New Orleans, so go see Delgres if you can.

4 Ed Maten

Just Vote for Me

Mo Jodi

Mr. President


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