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The 25th Annual Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk

Virginia International Tattoo
Photo: Virginia Arts Festival

Scott Jackson is the producer and director of the Virginia International Tattoo, presented annually as part of the Virginia Arts Festival and recognized as "the largest spectacle of music and might in the United States."  At the heart of all Tattoos across the world is a ceremonial performance of military music by massed bands.  Each Tattoo is different and is influenced by the culture of the country they represent.         

I had the opportunity to talk with Scott about this year's event, which takes place April 28th through May 1st in Norfolk and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Virginia Arts Festival.  He's been a part of the Tattoo since its first year, so he was able to reflect on the history of performances.

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg Classical Host, VPM Music