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Get to know The Blues with Muddy Waters and B.B. King

Muddy Waters and B.B. King
Muddy Waters and B.B. King, architects of the Blues sound.

Henry Cook and I hope you will join us this Saturday night, September 24th, for a special edition of Time For The Blues. Every so often we get so caught up in bringing you new blues, we forget that some listeners don’t know about the great men and women who built the blues.

Well, this week, we aim to fix that.

We’re focused on a couple of men who were among the strongest architects of the post war sound: Muddy Waters and B.B. King.

There is no denying the influence each man had on the sound; Muddy electrifying the sound on his early Chess recordings, and BB changing the way some leads played guitar.

We’ve got samples from each man and we think you will really enjoy them. For folks who are new to the blues will see where the sounds we love came from and evolved. We’ve also got some new and new-ish sounds from the likes of Eliza Neals and Curtis Salgado. And even a couple of sides from Tinsley Ellis and Reverend Raven and His Chain Smoking Altar Boys.

But it is Muddy and B.B. who carry the show along with some of their friends like Rory Gallagher, Steve Winwood, and Gary Moore.

All in all, it’s a great show and we would love to have you join us for the fun if you care to join us at 9:00 this Saturday night. That’s September 24th, and you can find us on one of these great VPM Stations: 89.1 WCNV, Heathsville; 90.1 WMVE, Chase City; and the flagships, 93.1 and 107.3 VPM-Music and 88.9 HD2, Richmond, and streaming online at where it’s always Time For The Blues!

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