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Composer Michael Torke shares his musical thoughts and a recent release

Composer Michael Torke
Bryan Hainer
Composer Michael Torke

Composer Michael Torke's music has been called "some of the most optimistic, joyful and thoroughly uplifting music to appear in recent years." (Gramophone)
It's also been described as post-minimalist. The New York Times says he's "a master orchestrator whose shimmering timbral palette makes him the Ravel of his generation."

I've always found his music exciting and accessible, and was thrilled to sit down with him to discuss the creative process. We also talked about one of his most recent releases titled"Time." I hope you enjoy our chat and some excerpts (below) from "Time" and his "Bright Blue Music."

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg
Classical Host, VPM Music

Excerpts from Michael Torke's music
1. Bright Blue Music 2. Time (Span 1) 3. Time (Span 5)