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In Your Ear Episode 44: Rebekah Todd + James Harrison and Emma Lynn White

Rebekah Todd
Rich Levine

Eastern North Carolina’s Rebekah Todd took first place in FloydFest’s prestigious On The Rise band competition in July of 2016. And Emma Lynn White is a Glen Allen native, a Collegiate grad and product of Boston’s Berklee College of Music. She and her partner James Harrison along with Rebekah Todd and William Seymore, all of whom played JAMinc’s stage at the Richmond Folk Festival, share their songs and their engaging personalities on this edition of In Your Ear.

In Your Ear offers a chance to discover new artists and appreciate the “in the moment” creativity, inspiration and soul of live music. Studio A is a “great room,” a haven for artists with intimate, friendly and informed audiences and peerless audio fidelity. Host Tim Timberlake and In Your Ear studio president Carlos Chafin produce the programs, which feature three acts, reflecting the diversity and range of these special concerts. The eclectic selections cover many genres -- including bluegrass, jazz, blues, old time, Celtic, gospel and singer-songwriters of many styles. Artists range from superior local and regional talents, to premier acts from all over the country.

Production Funding of In Your Ear is made possible, in part, by... Digital Video Group, Infinity Financial Partners, Threshold Counsel, PC the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and Will & Molly Perkinson. Artist accommodations in cooperation with the Hampton Inn West and the Hilton Downtown Richmond.

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