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Composer Kevin Keller talks about his music

Composer Kevin Keller
Pavlo Terekhov
Composer Kevin Keller

Composer Kevin Keller enjoys composing in traditional forms, and combines classical techniques with electronics to produce a unique sound of ambient music.
His musical vision is "to combine electronic sound as part of the live musician/compositional tapestry."

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Kevin, discussing his background, compositional style and a recent album simply titled "Ambient Chamber Music." Critic Colin Clarke writes "If ever there was a composer to take the idea of “ambient” music and transform it into music that is at once background and yet, when one places attention on it, becomes like a sequence of jewels, it is Kevin Keller."

I hope you enjoy our chat, as well as some clips from the album below.

Yours in good music,
Mike Goldberg
Classical Host, VPM Music

Excerpts from Kevin Keller's Ambient Music
1. Reflection 2. Remembering 3. Reverence 4. Stillness