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Page’s Kitchen...the Swamp Sessions: Laurie Lewis (Episode 4)

Laurie Lewis, siner and musician
Photo: Irene-Young

Page’s guest for this sit down was California’s enduring songwriter/fiddler Laurie Lewis, with her hand-picked band Grant Street…Peter McLaughlin on guitar, Mark Schatz on bass and clawhammer banjo, and her longtime partner, Tom Rozum on mandolin. This session was recorded in May of 1989. Mark’s former wife and dance partner Eileen Carson, who left us a few years ago, joined in with some rhythmic high steppin’ on My Dixie Darlin’.

For your listening pleasure and historical perspective, JAMinc is proud to present the full 35-program season of Page’s Kitchen…the Swamp Sessions as previously aired on VPM Music and The Breeze. These Americana allstars appeared on the late Page Wilson’s Out O’ The Blue Radio Revue some three decades ago. They were all live, one-take recordings made in various Richmond studios at the time and stand as a fitting tribute to those artists and to Page for having the taste, drive and gumption to lure them into his make-believe lair, deep in the Chickahominy Swamp. We’re deeply grateful to Jude Schlotzhauer and Virginia Blue Wilson for entrusting us with these priceless master tapes and to Guy Spiller and Charlie Reilly for carefully converting them from analog to digital. Sincere thanks to our loyal sponsors: Digital Video Group, the Scott Street Family and the members of VPM.