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Making Menuhin

Inside Stories of the World's Best Young Violinists



The Menuhin Competition - a musical, cultural and educational exchange referred to as the “Olympics of the Violin” - takes place every two years in a different city around the world. The competition was originally scheduled to take place in Richmond, Virginia in May 2020, but was postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Making Menuhin was created to keep the spirit of the competition alive leading up to the competition from May 13-23, 2021. Each episode, host Sarah Schilling guides us through interviews with some of the talented young violinists who will be competing in Richmond next year. We’ll learn how these competitors got started playing, the teachers and family members who have inspired them, the sacrifices they’ve had to make and what they most enjoy about expressing themselves through their music.

Katie McMurran
Shannon Ma

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Sarah Schilling - Host/Producer

Sarah Huebsch Schilling is a part-time Classical host for VPM. She can be heard on some Saturday afternoons and as a fill-in announcer for Shawn Evans and Mike Goldberg. Sarah also works as a freelance musician and performance practice specialist. She is director of Interlochen’s Early Music Workshop and performs on period oboes, recorders, and unusual wind instruments like the shawm, dulcian, and crumhorn. Sarah enjoys exploring the intersection of history and performance and presents findings at conferences, museums, and festivals. She holds music performance degrees from the New England Conservatory and Indiana University.

  • Catherine Komp - Executive Producer
  • Peter Solomon - Managing Producer
  • Ian Stewart - Producer
  • Mike Goldberg - Producer
  • Shawn Evans - Producer

Additional Support provided by: Angela Massino, Ashley Branch, Louise Keeton, Benae Mosby, Gavin Wright and Marshall Lloyd.
Wes Swing performed and recorded additional music for Making Menuhin.

Podcast cover art by Krista Chabris.