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Senior Team Leadership

Mason Mills, Executive Producer

Job description: Mason is an Executive Producer in Science, History and Special Projects for VPM. He works to develop content with local and national producers in digital and television broadcast platforms. From full length documentaries to short form educational segments, Mason makes connections between producers and VPM’s talented digital and video production teams.

Previous experience: Mason has over thirty years of experience associated with public media as he began working on production crews and made his way to producing nationally distributed public television programs.

Mason is a lifelong passionate fan of PBS/ NPR and is helping to fulfill VPM’s commitment to produce relevant, high-quality, multi-platform content that is rooted in Virginia and reflects the communities we serve.

“From an early age, watching public media gave me the opportunity to learn about the diverse world around us. From National Geographic specials, to "Comsos" with Carl Sagan, I was transported on fantastic scientific journeys that we would enjoy as a family. On my own, I loved watching “Sesame Street,” but “The Electric Company” was my all-time favorite. I always looked forward to the segments of Spiderman, Letterman and way at the top of my list was Easy Reader (Morgan Freeman's character). I remember learning so much from this show because they taught in a fun entertaining way. I also learned about so many different people in different parts of our country and just how interesting we all are. Throughout my life, I've learned public media expands our world and connects us as neighbors across all regions. It's important we create content that continues this thread through generations and is equally accessible to all.”