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Spanberger Supports Legislation To Pay Laid Off Federal Workers And Cut Off Congressional Salaries During Shutdown


Seventh District Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger has supported the introduction of two bills to assure federal workers receive back pay and to deny members of Congress their regular salaries during the shutdown.

Last week, Spanberger joined a majority of House members with a plan to end the shutdown. Now, she wants to assure not only that they get back pay, but also that members of Congress feel the pinch as well.

“I’m very alarmed that we’ve reached a point where federal employees seemed to be used as bargaining chips. So if we are willing to put federal employees and their salaries on the table, I think senators and members of Congress should be willing to put their own on the table as well,” said Spanberger.

She’s already requested that her own salary be withheld, along with Representatives Luria and Wexton, all three women newly elected Democrats, and Republicans Wittman and Riggleman from the Virginia delegation.


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